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6 Marketing KPIs To Track In Google Analytics

by Simon Spyer on Jun 22, 2017 2:21:51 PM

Keep A Close Eye On Your Marketing Objectives With Good Tracking

6 Marketing KPIs To Track In Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a pervasive tool but there are many vanity metrics which can distract from your real performance and whether you are meeting your marketing objectives.

Our latest infographic looks at 6 marketing KPIs that we think are sanity metrics. 

Forget about impressions, sessions and page views and ensure that these metrics form the basis of your Google Analytics dashboard.

Google Analytics dashboards should be action-oriented rather than something that looks pretty and makes you feel like part of NASA mission control. 

However great your dashboard’s look and feel, it’s only as good as the metrics being reported and many metrics don’t actually help better decision-making.

Here we separate the wheat from the chaff or the vanity metrics from the essential metrics that will optimise your marketing performance. Make sure that these KPIs feature prominently on your Google Analytics dashboard.

5 KEY METRICS (3).png

The choice of metrics will be specific to your business.

As always, start with your marketing objectives and the marketing plan that you have built. Then think about what will really tell you if you are delivering and what to do more/less of.

Great marketing dashboards, not more useless reports

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