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Discover The Best Marketing Channels With A Contact Strategy Pyramid

by Simon Spyer on Jun 2, 2015 4:00:00 PM

Optimise Your Marketing Channels With Careful Planning

Choose The Right Marketing Channels With A Contact Strategy Pyramid


In a multi-channel, digitally enabled world, it's critical to deliver the right message at the right time to the right customer or prospect.

But in practical terms how do you define and control this?

It's a real challenge with disparate ownership of marketing channels (and responsibilities far broader than marketing which affect customer experience).

A simple tool to help you get some control is the contact strategy pyramid.

The Pyramid

So what is this pyramid?

Choose The Right Marketing Channels With A Contact Strategy Pyramid


Delivering Personalisation and Relevance

The 3 layers of the pyramid deliver different levels of personalisation and relevance. All are forms of data driven marketing:

  • Campaigns. These link to your top marketing objectives and the key activities in your marketing planning process. They should be segmented but typically you will be communicating with a large proportion of your customer or prospect base.
  • Events. These can be highly personal - for example, the anniversary of someone becoming a customer or of a particularly important purchase - but are highly predictable. You can mine your customer data to identify these customers.
  • Triggers. These are very personal and based on specific business rules or criteria that you set. Only when an individual meets these criteria is a particular communication sent.

Supporting The Pyramid

The pyramid is a great way to start thinking about your contact strategy across the customer journey or sales funnel.

It shouldn't be used in isolation so think about augmenting it with the following:

  • Contact Rules. Not all communications and channels are equal. Set rules that govern the hierarchy of importance and ensure that you don't over communicate.
  • Marketing Channel Selection. The most appropriate channel or channels to use for each layer of the pyramid.
  • Rigorous Test & Learn. Establishing testing rules that govern how you learn and continuosly optimise your communications.
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