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Customer Journey Mapping: What's The Difference Between CX and UX?

by Simon Spyer on Oct 20, 2016 8:05:16 PM

Use The Right Terminology For Good Customer Journey Mapping 

Customer Journey Mapping: What The Difference Between CX and UX?

There is a tendency for UX and CX to be used interchangably.

This is a dangerous, particularly when considering the customer journey, as they are very different in nature with one being tactical and the other strategic.

So we thought it worth revisiting what they really are and when they should be used by marketers. 

What is User Experience?

UX is a user’s experience with a specific product - often a website or mobile app. The design of the interface — its usability, the information that it contains (its 'information architecture’), navigation — all combine to create the UX.

The user could be a prospect or customer.

The aim for a marketer or designer is to create a great UX that is frictionless and allows the user to complete their desired task.

An example of a critical UX is a registration or data capture form on-site. This is a moment of truth, both for the customer and for the business. A great UX will allow a customer to quickly complete the form with a proportionate amount of data shared; a poor UX will take too long for the consumer to complete and/or deliver incomplete or inaccurate data.

As a slight aside, UI (the User Interface) is what the user interacts with in order to have a particular experience. 

What is Customer Experience? 

CX is more strategic as it encompasses all interactions with a brand.

Typically this is post conversion as it’s ‘customer’ experience but in some instances it can be used more generally to look at the entire customer journey (from suspect to fan) or sales funnel (from top of funnel to bottom of funnel).

It deliberately encompasses all touchpoints, both on- and off-line, and stretches well beyond the direct remit of the marketing department into customer service and operations.

The facets of CX can include:

  • Customer service
  • Marketing communications
  • Brand delivery
  • Sales and onboarding
  • Product/service delivery
  • Price and promotions

What Does This Mean For My Customer Journey Mapping?

Customer journey mapping (CJM) is primarily about CX rather than UX. It should focus on the entirety of your customer relationship of desired customer relationship.

CX should be defined by your value proposition which in turn should be informed by a sound understanding of the needs, pain and motivations of your customers - and this is the basis for good CJM.

Marketers should seek to align business objectives with customer experience to deliver a great service.

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