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Get A Grip On Your Marketing Objectives With A Transformation Agenda

by Simon Spyer on Aug 26, 2015 1:49:54 PM

Connect Your Marketing Objectives To Tactics With This Framework

Get A Grip On Your Marketing Objectives With A Transformation Agenda

Mapping a vision to a marketing strategy to tactics can be challenging and in our experience often becomes disconnected. Marketing plans and business cases have limited chances of success as a result.

A transformation agenda is a simple approach to getting your strategy on a page - connecting vision, strategy and tactics - giving you the best chance of success and of making your marketing plan measurable.

The Transformation Agenda

Use the transformation agenda to connect your marketing objectives


We were introduced to the transformation agenda by Jim Ewel. It's a technique started by Howard Schultz at Starbucks and captures your vision, strategy and tactics on one page.

Marketers should beware of a vision masquerading as a strategy and the transformation agenda is a highly effective tool for getting to grips with your marketing objectives.

We have adapted the structure slightly and there are 5 layers to it:

Your vision

A headline that captures what you are going to achieve. It should be short and specific capturing 
  • What you are going to do
  • How you will achieve it and;
  • When - the time frame you are operating to

Your transformation agenda

Your destination - where you are going, why and how. It should be emotive, inspiring and compelling - something for you're whole team/business to align behind.

Your big moves

These are your strategies. We would advise that you don't have more than five big moves.

Your initiatives

These are your tactics - the specific things that you are going to do to achieve your 


Ownership is going to give your big moves the greatest chance of success. Capture who is going to be accountable for their delivery and recognise that this is different to who will be responsible and to those who will be consulted and informed.

Why We Think It's So Powerful

And there you have it - from business vision to specific activities on one page and something that you can use to get commitment and understanding from the whole business.
We think it's a great tool because:
  • In one page you have captured your vision, strategy and tactics making it easy to communicate to a wide audience and seek their buy-in;
  • It forces you to prioritise. There is always a danger that you will attempt to do too much.
  • It's clear and focused. There is little room for ambiguity.
  • It makes it easier to build a roadmap for each big move.
  • And it makes it easier to set KPIs and track performance.
What do you think and do you use a different approach? We'd love to hear your experiences.
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