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[Infographic] 10 Steps For Building A Brilliant Contact Strategy

by Simon Spyer on Jul 10, 2017 10:15:00 AM

Meet Your Customer Needs and Marketing Objectives

[Infographic] 10 Steps For Building A Brilliant Contact Strategy
A contact strategy is an integral part of all customer marketing as it defines and controls how you communicate with your customers as well as allowing you to continually optimise and tune.

Unfortunately there aren't really any shortcuts and 10 steps are needed to build an effective contact strategy. Trying to shortcut your approach is likely to disappoint your customers, your business or both.

Our latest infographic summarises these 10 steps.

What is a contact strategy?

A contact strategy is just like any strategy - it connects your vision to your tactics. In other words it focuses on how you will deliver your vision.

But in this case it just has a defined scope as it focuses on how you contact and communicate with your customers through your sales funnel or across the customer journey.

By building and agreeing a contact strategy, you will have a clear plan that connects your marketing objectives to your customer needs, comnunications and keep data and technology enables.

Our Infographic

[Infographic] 10 Steps For Building A Brilliant Contact Strategy

Want to Put some flesh on the bones?

Our free guide provides a framework that builds on these 10 steps as well as identifying common pitfalls and case studies.

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