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The Top Data Analysis Question For Effective Customer Journey Mapping

by Simon Spyer on Mar 3, 2015 6:19:00 PM

Data Analysis Must Reveal The Dynamics Of Your Sales Funnel​

The Top Data Analysis Question For Effective Customer Journey Mapping

The sales funnel is as relevant today as ever and your understanding of its dynamics should be fundamental to your customer journey mapping and how you ensure that you deliver the right experience at key moments of truth.

The key questions that your data analysis needs to answer consistently is "Where do I lose customers and prospects?".

This may sound easier said than done: the sales funnel has flipped, you will have different customers and products and lots of potential touchpoints.

If you don't know where you lose customers and prospects in the course of their relationship with you then here are 4 things to consider.

1. ​Track and analyse

Track and analyse he velocity of your prospects and customers across the key sales funnel stages of Attract, Convert, Close and Delight.

methodology-highlighted-1-2-3-4 Source: HubSpot

Look for where people drop off and try to understand why and where they go.

2. Do you know the conversion rate at every stage in your sales funnel?

Mapping the customer journey is one thing. Having the right reliable metrics available is quite another.

If you struggle to meaure a basic KPI like conversion rate at every stage of the sales funnel then review your data strategy and get the basics right.

3. Why do people drop out?

No you have the metrics you need to understand the causality.

This may not be easily understood from your data and some element of customer feedback might be required.

4. Not all customers are created equal

It's easy to forget that your customers aren't equally valuable and your prospects don't all have the same potential.

For some, it may not be worth investing to change a natural drop off point for some customers. And in some cases you may have customers who are value destroying (it costs you more to service them than you can realistically expect to generate across the lifetime of your relationship with your brand).

Try to segment your understanding of the customer journey and attach a value to each interaction.


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