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What Are Moments of Truth & How Do You Identify Them?

by Simon Spyer on Aug 23, 2016 10:56:14 AM

A customer-centric approach to customer journey mapping

Customer Moments of Truth & How You Identify Them
Customer journey mapping should be driven by the needs and expectations of your customers rather than by internal processes and silos.
But the process of mapping a customer journey across an entire lifecycle can be daunting and sometimes too big to tackle.
Identifying Moments of Truth allows marketers to simplify the process: to identify the points of greatest significance for the customer, their true drivers and to evaluate the role that a brand can play in delivering the best experience at these points.

Moments of Truth

We define Moments of Truth as:
the points in the relationship with a customer where you have the opportunity to earn their true loyalty by engaging with them. 
These points allows you to focus on the customer’s experience (actual and desired) rather than the transactional relationship, which may be mundane and taken for granted by the customer.
The trick for marketers is being able to recognise those moments and having a relevant and credible role to play at that point - just because there is a customer need doesn’t mean that your brand can stretch and actually meet that need at every Moment of Truth.
Moments of Truth can be categorised into Moments of Pain and Moments of Glory.
Having built an understanding of these moments and how they vary by customer, the challenge is to:
  • Improve overall experience
  • Make the context richer
  • Reduce friction

How To Identify MOTs

Persona development

Personas are a tool for capturing the goals, motivations and barriers of your customers and prospects.
They are a powerful tool for thinking about the emotional needs of your customers and their behaviours and this understanding will help you to identify Moments of Truth.
You can download a free persona template here.

Customer Journey Mapping

A customer journey is the path that consumers take to becoming a customer and (hopefully) becoming a regular, recurring customer for your business.

Customer journey mapping is the process of documenting this: capturing how the journey as it is now and specifying how you want it to look in the future.

From someone researching potential solutions to a given problem to a customer purchasing a new product, there are a plethora of touchpoints - some of which you will have control over (for example, the messages and navigation on your website) and others that you will have no control over (such as review sites, blogs and competitor promotions).

Having a robust map of the customer journey therefore supports your ability to identify Moments of Truth, the customer drivers at these points and the interactions that you could have.

Customer Insights

Persona development and Customer Journey Mapping need to be insight driven processes. These 3 approaches will help you to identify Moments of Truth:

  • Research. Synthesise existing research to identify where friction is greatest for customers. NPS collected across the customer lifecycle will be particularly valuable; as will in-depth interviews with customers.
  • Data. Your data should play a key role in understanding your customer journey, the stages of the customer lifecycle that are most important to your marketing objectives (from acquisition to retention) and the points at which your customer experience is weakest (for example, points where you see particularly high levels of churn).
  • Domain experts. Don't underestimate the knowledge that will exist within your business, for instance from customer facing staff. Harness this insight and use it to validate and enhance what you have seen from your research and data.


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