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Fixed price customer marketing support 

    Collaboration, your way


    £ 499/mo 424/mo

    15% off on annual plan

    Includes: 6 hours per month of on-demand access to a CRM consultant, proven frameworks and advisory services. See details here.

    Ideal for: Managers who need specific advice, rapid feedback on strategy or who want to validate their thinking and get guidance.

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    £ 2400/mo 2040/mo

    15% off on annual plan

    Includes: All the benefits of Light, 35 hours of expert support per month, project collaboration software and support. See details here.

    Ideal for: Those who need access to a multi-disciplinary team of specialists and resources to help deliver lasting change.

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    £ 4995/mo 4245/mo

    15% off on annual plan

    Includes: All benefits of Standard, 80 hours of specialist CRM consultancy per month, on-site support, and marketing services. See details here.

    Ideal for: Managers who need to quickly fill knowledge gaps, address strategic issues or ensure successful CRM programme delivery.

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    £ POA/mo POA/mo

    15% off on annual plan

    Includes: Bespoke teams created to meet a specific brief, strategy development and bespoke CRM and customer retention programmes.

    Ideal for: Businesses needing an expert partner with resources to define, design and deliver best in class, scalable CRM solutions.

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    All of the above service plans give subscribers discounts on Conduit’s training and events and work on a pay monthly basis. A 15% discount is available for clients paying annually. All costs exclude VAT.

    Please call us or book a consultation if you would like to discuss Bespoke requirements.

    Fixed Price CRM Solutions - Marketing Consultant Packages

    Why Choose One Of Our Plans?

    Simple. You get access to the experienced marketing, data and technology support you need - on your terms. No need to recruit expensive in house resource. 

    All our plans are all flexible, enabling you to tailor your plan to your needs as they change over time. 

    Your lead consultant is on call (phone or Skype/Webex) and will become your business partner, coach, adviser and sounding board. And with access to Conduit’s team of CRM specialists, they’ll ensure you have access to the right skills you need from strategy to data and analytics to martech.

    Every plan comes with tools, templates and software to help you manage your marketing.

    Make your customer marketing more effective and measurable by signing up today. 

    Fixed Price CRM Solutions - Benefits At A Glance

    Benefits At A Glance

    • Access specialist skills at an affordable cost. All our consultants are experienced CRM specialists. This gives you flexible access to a multi-disciplinary team within one fixed monthly price plan. And with specialisms across Marketing, CRM, Data, Insight, Martech, Loyalty & Business Intelligence you have a large team of experts on the bench to call on.
    • An independent viewpoint. Because our specialist consultants are not part of your business we bring objectivity based on many years of experience. 
    • Scalability. As your requirements grow it’s easy to add more support by upgrading your plan or asking for help with bespoke projects.
    • No commitment. We’re confident that our support will add real value to your business, quickly. With Pay Monthly you can cancel at any time with just one month's notice, so you aren't tied in to long contracts. 


    Schedule a short consultation with one of our management team. We promise no hard-sell and just a frank assessment of what you need and if there is a good fit with our services.


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