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We Help You Do It Yourself


We Help You Set Goals & Plans


We Help Implement The Plans

CRM Blueprints

Analyse your current CRM activities and develop a blueprint for optimisation

Coaching & Benchmarking

Ongoing access to a Conduit consultant to advise on implementing your CRM blueprint

Persona Development

Use your data and research to define your target audiences' needs

Customer Propositions

Developing offers, promotions and services that solve pain points and meet customer needs

Customer Journey Mapping

Define the Moments Of Truth in your customers' journeys and how you can support

Contact Strategy

How, when, why and through which media channels you will communicate with prospects and consumers.

Email Marketing

Execute and optimise personalised email campaigns, events and triggers.

AdWords, Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn campaigns

Attract and convert the right customers with effective performance marketing.


Plan how to build organic traffic with content and keywords

Data Insight & Analytics Assessment

What insight and action are you driving from your data? We will assess and identify the opportunities

Customer Profiling

Profile and segment your customer data and work out the 'so what?'

Data Audit

Assessment of your current data quality, compliance and usage

Data Strategy

Complete plan on the data you need for your CRM strategy and how you will use it. This is includes data capture, consent and data privacy.

Data Integration

Process and manage your data to fuel effective marketing.

Reporting & Dashboards

Delivering the KPIs and reports you need to measure and optimise your CRM programme

Campaign Selections

Pick the right offers, channels and medium for your customers

Martech Assessment

Evaluation of your current technology solutions and their ability to support your CRM strategy.

Martech Strategy

Designing a strategy for your CRM technology stack

CRM Implementation

Implement CRM solutions in line with your strategy

Vendor Evaluation & Selection

Short-list and select the right CRM solutions for you

Business Case Development

Cost:benefit analysis and impact assessment

Talk to us if you're not sure which plan is right for you or for any bespoke projects.

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"Conduit have brought design thinking and data-led customer journey mapping to bear on one of our biggest business opportunities. We are now working on a programme to execute the strategy."

Adam Novak - Global IKEA FAMILY Specialist, IKEA Group

Additional Services

Bespoke Services

We can help define, design and deliver tailored Martech and CRM programmes tailored to your unique requirements. 

Interim Resources

Talk to us if you need specialist CRM planning, Data and Insight or marketing automation support.  

Customer Insight

We are totally customer-centric and specialise in working with data teams to reveal powerful insights and customer segmentations that support better marketing.

Talk to us if you're not sure which plan is right for you or if you have a bespoke project.

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