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Optimising The Customer Journey

Placing a loyalty scheme at the heart of ikea's customer experience



IKEA wanted the FAMILY loyalty programme to be a core part of their proposition rather than a satellite service.

We identified that IKEA were missing an opportunity with customers planning large home makeover projects. Starting with customers' needs and pain points, we developed a data strategy that placed IKEA FAMILY at the heart of the organisation. 

Our objectives were to:

  • Deliver increased commercial benefit and deeper insight through the sharing of data across departments and business intiatives;
  • Improve customer experience across the entire customer journey - taking a more customer-centric approach to IKEA FAMILY services;
  • Identify potential gaps, weaknesses and improve data quality;
  • Improve performance measurement to track and optimise progress.

By taking this approach we were able to develop a programme to maximise commercial benefit and customer experience


"Conduit have brought design thinking and data-led customer journey mapping to bear on one of our biggest business opportunities. We are now working on a programme to execute the strategy."

Adam Nowak

Loyalty Manager, IKEA Poland

Our Approach

We have taken a structured approach with IKEA to mapping the key moments of truth, defining the role of data in identifting these key points and designing the service experience that IKEA can deliver to exceed customer expectations.

Stages that the Project has covered include:

  • Analysis and definition of the business strategy
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Auditing and assessment of marketing and research data
  • Data strategy development
  • Customer persona development
  • Requirements specification and roadmap design
  • Value proposition design

How We Delivered The Project

The project was completed over a 4-month period with a combination of stakeholder workshops, customer research, data analysis and value proposition design.
This project was the first step in a programme whose mission is to put IKEA FAMILY at the heart of the business and deliver better support and experience for customers planning large home makeover projects. Data auditing and the development of contact and content strategies are the next programme steps.

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