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Answering Marketing's Big Questions

Putting trusted insight at the heart of NFU Mutual's customer marketing



NFU Mutual are leaders in their sector and have a strong track record of growth and customer retention.

However, like many organisations, data sits in different silos and was inaccessible to marketing users, hindering marketing planning, proposition development and the evaluation of marketing effectiveness.

And the organisation's IT strategic roadmap made it hard for a large scale customer marketing data programme to be implemented quickly.

Marketing users were frustrated about their inability to access reliable, timely data and wanted to unlock insights so they could answer key questions, such as:

  • Who are my valuable customers?
  • And why? 
  • Which parts of my marketing are working best? And where should I focus improvement/spend my budget?

In a nutshell our challenge was how to get customer insight based on trusted data and prove the case for strategic implementation.

Our Approach

  • Working with marketing users and other business stakeholders (IT, Operations, Customer Service, Finance & Business Intelligence) we captured requirements and were able to prioritise the key questions that needed answering. 
  • Our benchmarking survey amongst the stakeholders enabled us to show NFUM where there was misalignment and opportunities.
  • We then created a Transformation Agenda and delivery roadmap, aligning all the stakeholders on priority areas so we could prove the concept of creating a Marketing Analytics Hub.
  • We identified the data sources and systems landscape necessary to answer the priority questions.
  • Acting as the 'conduit' between Marketing and IT we were able to understand the complexities and translate requirements into a solution with low-touch IT involvement . Using a cloud based 'Big Data' infrastructure we were able to create a Marketing Analytics Hub proof of concept: joining data together and providing tools to prove the value of insight. 

How We Delivered The Project

The Marketing Analytics Hub proof of concept showed the power of providing joined up data, revealing new insights into customer behaviour, product performance and marketing effectiveness.
It also helped align Marketing and IT with a common understanding and business case delivering quick win benefits and enabling the business case for a strategic solution.

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