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A loyalty scheme is just a tactic.

A loyalty programme is a commitment to better customer experience and continuously growing customer loyalty.

We work with our clients to understand what loyalty means to them and to their customers and prospects.

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1. Loyalty strategy

Customer Persona Development

We start with the customer. What do they want to achieve, why and what are their pains?
This is the basis for how you can help them and differentiate your brand.
Our Analysis and Planning phase focuses on customer needs across customers' journey with your brand.

Value Proposition Design

What will meet your customer's needs? Is it commercially and operationally viable?

Your value proposition for customer loyalty will determine the combination of benefits, incentives and rewards that are rooted in the best of your brand and will make your customers' experiences even better.

Customer Journey Mapping 

Understanding customers' needs and pains and your value proposition, when are the moments of truth? We map the customer journey and the drivers at each stage setting the foundations for your marketing.

Loyalty Vision

We connect your marketing objectives to your customer's needs and pains to design excellent customer experience across the customer journey. And we will help you articulate this for maximum internal impact so that you get the buy-in you need to make a difference. 

2. Loyalty blueprints

Understand and Document Requirements

We will build a complete blueprint for your loyalty strategy to ensure that it is widely adopted. This includes full requirements specificatons, business case and programme roadmap.

People and Processes

We define processes like contact and content strategies that will be needed to manage the programme on a day-to-day basis. Then we specify the governance, resources and skill-sets that will be required.

Information and Technology

Loyalty and CRM programmes are dependent on data and technology. We understand  and align with enterprise IT priorities, roadmaps and technology stacks to translate marketing requirements into technical blueprints and data strategies. 

Performance Measurement and Optimisation

How you will measure the efficacy of your loyalty programme and prove that it is delivering the business case? We will specify the metrics needed, how they should be calculated and how they are connected to the processes that we have designed. 

Business Case

While the blueprint allows our clients to build internal awareness and buy-in for a customer loyalty initiative, we understand the need to support it with a clear business case for the programme.

3. Loyalty Management

Execute With Excellence

We can hold your hand during the implementation, optimization and transition phases of your loyalty strategy with knowledge sharing and quality assurance to ensure your change is pervasive and effective.


Programme and Transition Management

No surprises. Just delivery of the loyalty blueprint and business case - we support you in the selection and management of third parties to make sure that the delivery matches the original vision and blueprint.

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Key Benefits of Our SOLUTIONS


All good marketing should understand the customer so well that the product sells itself. Customer insight and empathy are at the heart of everything we do. 

Solution Agnostic.

We don't have a particular solution or software to sell.

Instead our loyalty solutions are bespoke to your needs and we can manage the programme's delivery.

Proven framework.

We have used this framework with brands including IKEA, Bestway, The AA and Avis delivering incremental profit, increased customer satisfaction and industry awards. 

The conduit to the whole organisation

Our approach involves and engages the whole business making adoption and the delivery of lasting change possible. 

Our Work

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